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Books for Agilists, Product Managers and Team Leaders

Updated: May 17, 2023

A few books that have influenced how I think about my work and profession:

Perhaps the most substance of anything ever written on the topic. True to the title, this book is full of practical formulas for product success.

Like my first recommendation, the title well-represents the purpose, but this is less of a how-to than an expression of Marty Cagan’s (considerable) insights and motivational thinking. He illuminates key practices and lines of thought for great product development. This is the book you wish your boss would read!

A companion volume which is less essential than Inspired but expands the conversation to a topic near and dear to my heart: how to work effectively as a team and transform an organization.

A slight volume that hits all the right notes on what your best employees really care about. Hint: it’s not free backpacks and Starbucks gift cards. Though brief, this has many instructive ideas on bettering your organization by allowing a sense of investment to flourish.

In my next post I'll introduce a something more scholarly and dense. It's highly influential but largely unknown outside of a narrow discipline.


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