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Art and Amputations: Part Two

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Henry Wellcome was an American pharmaceutical entrepreneur who started a business in London that became Burroughs Wellcome & Company and eventually part of GlaxoSmithKline. The Wellcome Collection is just as morbidly interesting as The Old Operating Theatre from my previous post, but far more varied. The assortment of galleries in this contemporary building, are most remarkable for the presentation of art and artifacts connected, at least tangentially, to the practice of medicine throughout the world.

We took in the exhibition Medicine Man from the permanent collection only days before it closed, permanently as it were. But all is not lost! It is to be restructured with greater context and sensitivity to its colonialist origins. That's all well and good, a perhaps even an opportunity to expand the number of items on view. In the meantime, The Science Museum of London has three thousand items on view in its Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries exhibit.

The artificial nose pictured below is some bonus content for The Knick fans.

All photos copyright 2022 Kirk Samuelson


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